Diablo III
Published on June 28, 2008 By Al3xandr0s In Action

Well, everyone's heard the big news by now. Diablo III then.

It sure looks good. Blizzard have always been great at movies and they seem to deliver here also. Their website design is also top notch and this new one offers quite a few goodies for fans, the best of which is, I think, the journal area. So kudos for that also. There's a certain WoW vibe evident in the screenshots but during actual gameplay it's not so noticable and it maintains a nice, dark and gritty look even though these were probably starting level areas so we can expect to see way more beautiful and also horrific views in the final game.

To the game at hand, I like what I've seen so far. It seems to offer the kind of fun fans of the previous games are looking forward to while at the same time it could actually attract some new audience as well since combat looks far more engaging and fun and reactive, that’s for sure. Not just holding down left click, hammering the potion hotkeys and the occasional right click for your assigned skill. When he starts using all the slams and jumpy attacks and wave blasts in a crowd of enemies it looks like a lot of fun, like some kind of console action title but in a good way. Certainly not like an outdated point & click controlled game at least, so they’ve done wonders with the interface and mechanics I guess.

I'll go ahead and boldly say that I actually found Diablo II very boring and the beginning of the gameplay video they showed off made me think it's just more of the same. I soon changed mind once I saw that barbarian rip through hordes of monsters in the way I described above.

I look forward to seeing the rest of the classes though I was hoping for more than 5 (even pre-expansion, heh). Perhaps we can have sub classes similar to WoW's different possible specs though I don't expect to see any pure tanks or healers here as everyone is probably able to dish out some major dps in order to keep the series' gameplay spirit alive and well for everyone. A tank or healer would probably have a hard time in the single player at least, heh.

Overall, I'm certainly intrigued by the possibilities though I'm still not certain I'll be buying this considering we know next to nothing about pricing, multi player capability (I expect some sort of small fee is possible for example) and many other important factors and, like I said, I was really not fond of Diablo II. We'll see...

on Jun 28, 2008
This is the third thread about Diablo. You might want to comment in the other two.

I'm never going to get Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, or any other Blizzard game. They are all over rated. Big time.

on Jun 30, 2008

It's not a thread, it is a blog. People tend to write their own opinion on those even if there are probably many other bloggers who have written their own opinion on the same subject. Thank you for your pointless contribution, that's also a part of blogging.

on Jul 01, 2008

I hope they put some of the good things from the first back in. I like the while idea you had to search and buy books to learn spells. I also like the way the first diablo had the appearance of the character change according to the equipped items. I know the second game had that to but seemed less noticable than it the first.

I wasn't to impressed with the wow looking graphics I really don't think I could take a game serious if i was trying to save the world from end but yet i was fight a ghoul that looks like he just came from your friendly neighborhood market. I hope they realize they need to play this game has different has they can from wow.

Some people just have bad taste in games and I think someone wasn't love as a child. Get a life its a blog, so what if their one already on it live with it, get off your computer and get a life!!!

Let Gamers be Gamer and you and all the other loser can go play with yourselves General!

on Jul 01, 2008
The problem is that this blog is showing up as a recent topic on the galciv 2 boards.
on Jul 02, 2008

Oh well, I didn't know, I just made a blog via Impulse

on Sep 28, 2008

No idea when Diablo III will come out.